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How to create a high profit online business

The business model that has allowed our family to full time travel around Australia.


About us



We are Cory & Alyce & are a family of four travelling Australia full time, absolutely loving life!

We came across High Ticket Affiliate Marketing in August 2022 after searching the internet for a way to make an income online.

It has been our life line and the reason we are able to travel Australia with no end date inside.

Have you ever wondered what that is like? Having the ability to run your own life and the things you do, people you meet, relationships you build? Being able to just pack up and drive from state to state to see family/friends, whenever you want?

Well it is very achievable and actually quite simple to start building a profitable business from your phone or computer.


In all honesty this is in no way a get rich quick scheme. You do have to put in the work to start creating your own wealth portfolio and we are here to guide and mentor you to success.

We have a proven business model with automated systems which is mapped out for your success with a simple guide to follow anybody could do it. A system with a great community we are very fortunate to be apart of. It's life changing stuff. Like everyone who starts their own business trust us it's scary. But we are here to support and help grow your business and ours collectively.

Stick around and we will walk you through step by step how you can build successful business online too.

What we do

Now the juicy part! Meet our friend Dim! Alyce and Dim will take you through the 3 key pillars we use to build a high profit business online.

What next?

Well if you absolutely loved the sound of that, your next step is to go through a 'Discovery Process' inside our training & education platform The Freedom Era for all the finer details. 

Currently 50% off for $49usd with 14 day money back guarentee ... So what have you got to lose??

What you get inside the platform

  • A step-by-step process to launch your business, complete with trainings, checklists, and workflows to set up your social media, mindset and life for success.

  • All-inclusive access to 16+ business foundational courses ranging from Leadership, Instagram + Facebook Ads, Marketing, Automations, Mindset, Embodiment and much more.

  • Our plug-and-play automations will allow you to work from anywhere and are complete with graphics, webinars and resources that are ready to be shared with your audience in minutes.

  • An in-house trained sales team who will handle sales calls & paperwork on your behalf, so that you don't have to. Genius!

  • Support from our growing community of committed leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who said YES to their dreams & FREEDOM BABBYYY!


Join us!

Don't forget to join our community Facebook group for further info on up coming launches, exclusive offers and all the JUICY deeets!

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